The Global Recovery Initiative seeks to transform social attitudes and policies about addiction by becoming a leading and empowering voice for recovery.

The GLOBAL RECOVERY INITIATIVE (GRI) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 social enterprise that seeks to help transform social attitudes and policy while expanding opportunities for recovery and removing social, cultural, legal, and policy barriers to recovery. Substance use problems are at the root of an exorbitant number of our nation's costly social problems. While addiction is well documented, the hope, possibilities and transformative power of recovery often is not recognized or acknowledged. Addiction is routinely perceived and experienced as overwhelming and attempts at overcoming it, futile. By demonstrating the reality of recovery, providing the tools to achieve it and advocating for better policies promoting recovery, GRI seeks to shift the paradigm from hopelessness to empowerment. Recovery goes far beyond abstinence from drinking or taking drugs-recovery is about living a healthy, productive, and expansive life. That reality has been missing from the social conversation on addiction. Without the promise of a better life, individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol problems remain trapped in the vicious cycle of active addiction, with innumerable costs to themselves, their communities, and to the nation.

The Problem

By current government estimates, a quarter of the U.S. population has a drug and/or alcohol problem. Some 10% of those who need treatment get it, and only 5% of those make it to long-term recovery. This would be unacceptable for any other disease. These are staggering figures and the costs of drug and alcohol problems are equally staggering – close to $600 billion a year in the United States. The benefits of recovery to the individual and to the nation remain unmeasured and the hope and great benefits of recovery unrecognized by most.

The Solution

The Global Recovery Initiative believes that recovery should be available and attainable to all those who seek it. Creating this transformational shift requires a multidisciplinary approach that is reflected in our leadership and in our initiatives. GRI will implement a multi-pronged strategy to maximize the social impact of our work. To that end, GRI is engaged in several activities that all converge to serve its mission, including the following current projects and priorities.


Christopher Kennedy Lawford,
Chief Executive Officer

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The Global Recovery Initiative agenda is paramount to the nation’s health and our social and ethical responsibility. It is transformative and unprecedented and will save thousands of lives. Your tax deductible gift to the Global Recovery Initiative is critical to our success.

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